Our Cows

We have learned over the years that when it comes to our cows, proper health is essential! That’s why we offer nutritious diets, comfortable living conditions and good medical care to help maintain healthy, comfortable, and happy cows.


It might not come as much of a surprise, but dairy cows tend to eat healthier than most people. 

  • Dairy cow diets are carefully planned by professional nutritionists.
  • Cows feed is made of many foods we can’t eat that are turned into nutrient rich milk.
  • From newborns to older cows each stage requires a unique diet.


At Deniz Dairy, we treat our cows with kindness and respect. After all, without their hard work we wouldn’t have a livelihood.

We strive to offer the most comfortable, clean bedding and living conditions possible. Dairy cows have access to feed, as well as fresh, clean water 24 hours a day.


Cows receive regular veterinary care, including check-ups, preventative vaccinations and prompt treatment when an illness occurs. If a cow gets sick and needs to take antibiotics, her milk is separated so her milk does not enter the food supply. Her milk is then discarded until the antibiotics have cleared her system.  Since our farm has both a conventional and organic herd, any cow that has been ever treated with antibiotics is permanently moved into the conventional herd.  Having both conventional and organic strings on the farm allows us to provide necessary medications and care for animals when it is needed, that otherwise wouldn’t be available for organic only herds.  As extra security, all milk is tested for antibiotics on the farm and at the processing plant. This means all milk is antibiotic free.