Our Story

Deniz Dairy was founded on February 14, 1946 by August Deniz and his wife Mary.  August was an immigrant from the Azores wanting to make a life for himself in the United States.  August bought several cows locally and did all the work himself and slowly grew the operation, but it wasn’t until August and Mary’s son, Ernie and his son Lucas took over that the operation expanded to the size and scope that it is today.

Over the years the dairy has expanded in both cow numbers and acres and now comprises a herd of 450 conventional and organic Holstein dairy cows and over 500 acres of pasture and cropland.  We have focused on breeding and developing cows and cow families that not only look good but put milk in the tank. With this breeding philosophy we have built up a reputation for high quality cattle that we have sold both locally and on a national level.

Deniz Dairy is truly a family farm. Currently the farm is run by Lucas Deniz, who is in charge of the day to day operations and his sister Becky Chevalier who is the office manager. Their children are also active on the farm after school, on the weekends and during the summer months. Besides helping take care of their own cows, they love to help feed calves, get the cows in from the pasture, and ride on the tractor with mom and dad.  The legacy that was built by both August and Ernie continue today on the farm and hopefully for generations to come.  

Lucas Deniz with his wife Lisa and their three children; Darren, Andrew & Shelby

Becky Chevalier with her husband John and their two children; Rylee & Caden